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Men Are The Real Deal Shoppers Online

We know women love to spend, however new research has shown that’s it’s men who are often the highest income earner in a household who often check prices.

According to a new Amazon shopping study it’s men who spend more time looking for a “good deal” which is a big plus for retailers such as JB Hi Fi who attract males who are also known to be impulse purchasers.

The big online store claims that male customers are now more likely than women to check prices on Amazon.com before deciding if they’re going to make a purchase.

Phone in the dark

The study conducted by First Insight reveals that more than two thirds of male respondents said they do price comparisons on the online retailer before pulling out their wallets, up 15 percentage points from the prior year’s survey.

First Insight, a company that helps retailers choose the right price for their products, also found men outpace women in terms of shopping frequency, both in store and online.

Male shoppers have more options in apparel these days and retailers are getting better at advertising toward them, according to Jim Shea, First Insight’s chief commercial officer.

Before, the assumption was that men “wanted to get into a store, buy the product quickly and get out.

They weren’t looking for the deal as much,” Shea said, noting that that’s changing now.

“They’re more aware of prices because they’re going in the stores more often. They’re going online more often and looking for the better deal.”

Note: Findings are based on comparing the results of two separate surveys based on targeted samples of 1,000 respondents in December 2017 and September 2018.