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Melbourne Sound Distributor Shakes Up Hi Fi Market With New Sound System

Indi Imports wants to shake up the somnambulant Australian Audio Video industry from its decades long slumber.

This vigorous Melbourne based company believes that they have a winning mantra based on delivering quality products and price parity with overseas markets, this is no more evident than with their new Danish Sax floor standing speaker.

Indi Import’s brand portfolio currently includes Myryad, System Audio, AMC, Sonoro Radios, Elfi British Furniture with more set to be added to their range shortly.

Indi’s push into the market has been highly successful and it now has a solid base of retailers across the country.

The Company is signing up new retailers who want a crack at improving yields by selling a new generation of Hi Fi gear that is cost effective for both the consumer and seller.

We arrived at Indi’s Melbourne headquarters to take a look at the operation and to audition some of their new products.

We choose speakers from the Danish brand, System Audio settling on a large attractive SAXO 70 floor stander for an audition.


System Audio is part of Scanspec, a huge speaker company that builds drivers for a mountain load of other well-known brands.

The SAXO 70 as you’d expect from its Danish heritage is beautifully built with a slim profile that allows the speaker to sit unobtrusively in most living rooms.

It’s also crammed full of innovative technology. The SAXO 70 is crammed full of compact bass/mid drivers that are ultra-dynamic thanks to their small cone area.

But there’s no lack of bass slam or low frequency information because of the sheer number of drivers.

Designers can opt for much larger drivers of course, and most do to generate large amounts of bass. But larger drivers have larger speaker cones and greater mass than smaller drivers so they’re typically slower to respond to musical transients than smaller drivers.

On the other hand, smaller drivers are usually lightning fast and because they have a smaller driver cone area, are likely to sound cleaner and a lot less coloured than bigger drivers.

The trade-off with using smaller drivers is a lot less bass. But not if you choose to use lots of small drivers working in unison.

That’s the design route taken by System Audio, and it works fabulously well. There was never a hint that this model lacked bass or that it was colouring the sound of the recordings we auditioned.

Smaller bass/mid drivers have yet another payoff: they’re generally easier to match to a high frequency driver.

System Audio crossover the bass/mid drivers to the tweeter at quite a high frequency.

The transition from this multiple array of bass/mid drivers to the dome tweeter is smooth and seamless.

On the program material the sound was dynamic, detailed and musically expressive with attention being drawn to the music, not the speaker.

Stereo imaging was pin-point with the performers and instruments spread over a wide lateral area behind the speakers. The soundstage had plenty of depth and height as well.
The hallmark of the System Audio models was an uncanny smoothness matched by a slightly rich tonal balance.

From the smallest to the largest models, you could hear these ‘family’ traits. Which is a bonus because given the System Audio speakers are priced from $699-$18,000 the buyer of the entry level model gets trickle down technology from the dearer models.

Finish was excellent throughout the range with real wood veneer used rather than cheap vinyl wrap.

Buyers can choose to buy a pair of stereo System Audio speakers, or go the whole hog and get a complete multi-speaker home cinema speaker system.

Either way it will be money well spent.

The System audio range comprises stand mounts, Centre channels, floor standers and powered sub-woofers.

The SAXO 70 retails for $2,999 and has a performance good enough to satisfy budget conscious audiophiles and home cinema devotees.

The most captivating thing about the SAXO 70 is its precise and rhythmic presentation of the music.

The singing voice has a sparkling clarity and instrumental detail is delivered with a finesse and authenticity that invites you into the studio or up on stage with the musicians

It’s a loudspeaker that’s been created to entertain

The materials are according to the Danish Company, thoroughly tested, and if you want to you can take out a free 7-year factory warranty.

The speaker comes in a high-gloss finish in white or black, with a black front grille that protects the speaker units. The speaker grille also comes as an accessory in white fabric.

System Audio claims that the SAXO 70 is the only loudspeaker brand that was founded by a musician.

This means that our focus is on the sound, and we test our speakers in a number of ways, to ensure that the sound is just right.

The Company use a large group of musicians and music lovers to test their speakers. The job of the testers is to test the loudspeakers with a multitude of music samples and styles.

They test e.g. whether it is easy to follow the rhythm of the music. They pay attention to whether the vocals are presented with the right passion and presence.

They use dynamic music, to see if the sound image remains intact, when the speaker really has to work, and acoustic music is used to determine how true to life and realistic the sound is.

The SAXO 70 is built according to a principle that is unique to System Audio. For example, with their large speakers they don’t use large speaker units, they prefer to use a number of small ones.


They do this in order to:

• Control the sound dispersion. The controlled sound dispersion makes for better sound quality, regardless of the room’s decor and acoustics

• Provide a musical sound experience. Our small speaker units are faster and easier to move. It makes the sound more precise

An added advantage of using 4 woofers in each speaker is that it can play incredibly loud without difficulty.

Simply combine SAXO 70 with a good quality amplifier and a power output of 120 Watt or more and you have a music system that is seriously ready to pump out the right quality sound.

A DXT acoustic lens covers the room with sound, a special design around the tweeter is a patented acoustic lens (DTX).

This ensures that the sound is distributed around the room in a way that is not possible for ordinary tweeters.

The System Audio speaker range should be on anyone’s short list and represents great sound, superb fit and finish and value for money.

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