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McIntosh Add DA2 Module To New Tube Pre-Amp

High end audio equipment maker McIntosh has continued its modular components push with a new tube pre-amplifier to feature its upgradeable digital audio module.

The upcoming C2700 ($15,495) stereo vacuum tube pre-amplifier is set to release in September and includes McIntosh’s DA2 module first seen on the C53.

The DA2 adds an HDMI (ARC) channel with home theater pass-through for playing audio from a compatible television, as well as an upgraded USB input supporting native playback of high-resolution files up to DSD512.

The DA2 also includes all the optical and coaxial inputs found on the DA1 module as well as the MCT input for McIntosh SACD transports.

The C2700 comes with nine analogue inputs, three balanced and four unbalanced as well as Moving Magnet and and Moving Coil phono inputs.

There’s also a ¼” headphone jack, powered by McIntosh’s High Drive Headphone Amplifier the company says can power almost any headphones.

The chassis, which features the usual McIntosh green and black styling, separates the analogue and digital inputs to prevent signals interfering.

McIntosh has recently begun using digital audio modules to future proof its expensive components and help customers get the most out of their investment as new digital audio connection options arrive.

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