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Marshall Motif II A.N.C To Have Improved Battery & Noise-Cancellation

The Motif II A.N.C is Marshall’s latest earbud release, which is claimed to have a better battery and noise-cancellation than the last model.

Marshall shared that the price and form of the earbuds will be similar to its predecessor.

The difference between the Motif II A.N.C and the last model is the design, which now has gold accents presumably to look more luxe like Marshall’s other full-sized headphones and wireless speakers. The earbud stems also look easier to grip due to the textured design.

The newest Marchall release also boasts a battery life that has been upgraded to 6 hours from 4.5, with a charging case that can now charge up to 30 hours (10 hours more than the first-gen product). Additionally, fast-charging is supported.

As for the sound quality, Marshall says that the new earbuds support Low-energy audio, the best possible connection between the earphones and mobile device. They claim the latest model offers high-quality audio, strengthening the streaming range and enhancing audio sync for videos.

On the sustainability of the buds, Marshall has ensured that the Motif II A.N.C’s buds and cases are made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Beginning September 12th, pre-orders will be open for the $199 earbuds on the company’s website.

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