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Mario Kart Tour Adds Real-Time Multiplayer Mode

Nintendo will let Mario Kart Tour players actually race each other from this weekend in a major update to the hugely successful mobile game.

Mario Kart Tour launched in September last year, but didn’t feature a real-time multiplayer mode. Instead, players could only compete against computer AI racers.

From March 9, Nintendo is adding a proper online multiplayer mode allowing players to compete against seven other players, whether they’re in-game friends, local via wi-fi or anywhere around the world.

Nintendo is promising that multiplayer race will take place with an ever-changing set of in-game rules. The race rules will change on a daily basis, but players are also able to set their own race rules. (Sign us up for a blue shell ban or a “banana skins only” rule.)

Mario Kart Tour is free-to-play on both iOS and Android. Players can purchase new racers, tracks and vehicles via in-game currency and real money, and subscribe for US$5 per month to access Gold Races and earn additional items.

Mario Kart Tour topped Apple’s free game charts for 2019, meaning it saw more downloads than any other iPhone game despite only being released in September.

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