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Major CE Retailer Copies Apple Store Look

The Apple Store has proven to be very popular since launching in 2001, offering a more tailored experience than usual retail outlets.

Best Buy has clearly been paying attention, with the retailer opening a very similar small-format “digital-first” store with a “curated product selection.”

The first of these, a 5,000-square-foot store, opened this week, in Monroe, North Carolina, and features mobile-based self checkout, livestreaming employee service for product advice, lockers for 24-hour customer pickup, and QR codes to scan for desk pickup.

Usual Best Buy stores are between 15,000 to 35,000 square feet.

Best Buy say the new-look store represents “our belief that there’s no such thing as a single, perfect store — instead, it’s all about a mix of different types of experiences working together within its specific community.”

It will feature “a curated selection of best-in-category products from home theater and audio, computing, headphones, wearables, fitness, cell phones, cameras, smart home, small appliances and more,” according to the company.

With the new spacious look comes a more limited selection: large TVs will still be featured, while major appliances and other large items won’t be.

“The smaller shopping space isn’t the only new thing customers can expect to see at the Monroe store,” Best Buy said.

“We’re also piloting a new digital-first shopping experience that encourages customers to shop, get advice and check out digitally. When shoppers enter the store, they will be greeted by a 7-foot-tall digital display that explains what’s new and how they can shop inside the store.”

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