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Major Bluetooth Upgrade Could Arrive On Google’s Android 15

Google is currently rumoured to be working on Android 15, the successor to Android 14, and it’s now tipped to be coming with a significant boost to the Bluetooth functionality.

Spotted in the latest beta version of Android 14, there are multiple mentions of audio sharing. The code is currently hidden, but tipsters are waiting to utilise it.

It describes a new page in Android, where the user gets a switch to toggle the sharing of audio, a list of nearby audio streams, a QR code to let others tune in, and a button to change the Bluetooth device in use.

It sounds a lot like Bluetooth Auracast, which allows the user to wirelessly share audio streams with those around them.

Bluetooth Auracast doesn’t rely on the normal pairing process, and in theory, an unlimited number of devices can connect.

The feature has been around for a while, however, there are still only a few products that actually come with built in support for it.

It’s likely Google will unveil this as a key new feature of Android 15 when the early versions are announced in the coming months.

There are even reports the software could come with updates to how battery life is displayed, and what the user can do with the lock screen.

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