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Mac Sales Grew Faster Than Any Windows Brand In 2021

Despite components shortages, overall PC sales have grown in both 2020 and 2021, with Apple leading the pack when it comes to percentage-wise gains.

Apple’s annual growth hit 28 per cent, with 7.8 million units shipped during 2021. Despite this, the company still only accounts for 8.5 per cent of the market, with Lenovo and HP making up a combined 45.8 per cent of the market, despite both company’s sales slipping for the year.

According to Canalys, PC sales last year were 15 per cent higher than 2020, 27 per cent higher than 2019, and “the largest shipment total since 2012.”

“Taking a long-term view, the most important developments in 2021 were the large increases in PC penetration and usage rates,” explains Ishan Dutt, a Canalys Senior Analyst.

“PCs are now in the hands of both young students and older family members, while ownership of two or more PCs per person has become more common in developed markets.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, a larger than normal proportion of PCs shipped have been new additions to the installed base rather than replacement devices, especially in areas such as education and remote work.”


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