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Forget iPhone: Android Wins OZ Mobile War

iPhone and Android smarties now account almost 90% of the market.

Android has trounced Apple in Australia – for the first time.

The Google OS launched in 2008 has officially outran the iPhone according to local analysts Telsyte.

44 per cent of smartphones here now run Android versus Apple’s iOS on 43 per cent.

However, it is still very much a ‘two horse race’ with Apple and Android the leaders in the phone market, the Telsyte report also indicates, reflecting a global trend.

However, Android now accounts for over 70% of all smartphones OS’ globally, versus Apple’s 14%, according to analysts Gartner.

Together, both operating systems dominate the local smartphone market consisting of more than ten million handsets currently used by consumers for both personal and business use.

Google’s Android has caught up because it is available on a much wider range of handsets – from Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorola and caught up with iPhone features and apps.

“Our new research shows that the lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support has helped Android become the leading platform,” said Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi.

And the only way is up for Droid, it seems.

“Android should remain the number 1 platform during our forecast period (up to 2017) but it will remain close with Apple maintaining its user base and also growing, albeit a little bit slower,” Fadaghi told SmartHouse.

However, Apple still has major loyal fan base Down Under, the Telsyte report also shows.

Apple’s iPhone has the highest repeat purchase among consumers, with Apple upgrades “significantly driving re-contracting with carriers.”

But the race for mobile domination is not over yet.

“The battle for the remainder of people not yet using smartphones still up for grabs,”¬†notes the report.

Telsyte did not reveal its figures for Windows Phone 7/7.5 but with the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices from HTC and Nokia in Oz this month, it could be all to play for in the jostle for phone users

There will be a gradual uptake of Microsoft Windows 8 Phone, predicts IDC’s local market analyst, Aman Bajaj.

“Its not going to change the landscape or take major share from iOs or Android” for the moment at least.