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Telstra and Harvey Norman Cream JB Hi Fi

Australia’s most valuable brand is Telstra and Harvey Norman just makes it into the top 10 slot according to a recent brand study report released by consultancy Interbrand. Other retailers that failed to make the top 10 were Myer, David Jones and JB Hi Fi who were ranked 19th.

According to the Australian Best Brands Report, Telstra’s brand is worth $42.8bn dollars which amounts to nearly a quarter of the company’s market capitalisation. Not included in their assesment are the worth of brands such as Big Pond, Sensis, Yellow, White Pages and Trading Post. Harvey Norman brand is worth $1.3bn – a significant proportion of the company’s current $2.1bn share value and JB Hi Fi is only worth $190M

One Company that has dramatically increased its value since the survey was last run in 2004 was Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This is now worth $7.1B.  Damian Borchok, MD of Interbrand  “The Determined To Be Different positioning is something they could still have in 25 years time and still be doing fresh things with it.”

He added: “Telstra and the Commonwealth Bank are great examples of Australian brands that have a strong connection with consumers and relevant business offerings.”

Several global brands have seen massive goodwill write downs in their balance sheets in recent weeks. Borchok counselled against going too far with that. He said: “You have to be careful. Brands tend to be a lot more stable in terms of their value over time than people think.”

Among the top global brands were IBM, Microsoft, Nokia and Intel. Missing were Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG.

The top 20 brand valuations:

Telstra – $9.7bn
Commonwealth Bank – $7.1bn
NAB – $5.1bn
Westpac – $4.8bn
Woolworths – $4.6bn
Macquarie Group – $3.2bn
ANZ – $3.1bn
Billabong – $2.2bn
St George – $1.9bn
Harvey Norman – $1.3bn
Australia Post – $900m
David Jones – $760m
Myer – $670m
Flight Centre – $630m
Crown – $560m
Ansell – $500m
Computershare – $380m
Origin – $220m
JB Hi-Fi – $190m
Bendigo Bank – $150m

The company also runs a global brands survey. The last one was published in September last year. It said that Coca Cola was the world’s most valuable brand with a value of US$66.7bn

The global top ten:

Coca Cola – $66.7bn
IBM – $59bn
Microsoft – $559bn
GE – $53.1bn
Nokia – $35.9bn
Toyota – $34.1bn
Intel – 31.3bn
McDonald’s – $31.1bn
Disney – $29.3bn
Google – $25.6bn

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