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Huawei Eye Channel Growth

Huawei Eye Channel GrowthHuawei Technologies plans to grow its channel business and has ditched Express Online for DNA Connect as its national distributor for enterprise. 

The ICT giant plans to extend its reach beyond communications technology into the server, storage and data centre business.  

“Huawei has identified synergies and strengths with DNA Connect that will help us grow existing channel relationships and win new business,” said Head of Enterprise, Daniel Lin.
The Chinese company has been in the enterprise market for about four years and there is plenty opportunity to grow, a spokesperson told CN.
But its not just enterprise.
Hauwei is also eyeing the consumer market as one with growth potential, with devices like tablets, broadband devices and Ascend smartphones. Traditionally, it made lower end pre-pay smartphones but, of late, has focused on higher tier mobiles. 
“Disruptive trends have seen big changes in both the ICT and distribution landscape in recent times, but the old adage still applies – ‘get big, get niche, or get out’. We’re big and they’re niche – a recipe for success,” Lin said. 
DNA Connect has been in the business for 20 years and has a range of channel offerings including pre-sales architect solutions, demand generation, partner technical enablement and certification and sales support.  
DNA Connect Executive Director, Munsoor Khan said:
“We always send our technical team to evaluate the products of any potential vendor we consider partnering with and our team was impressed with what they saw at Huawei. 
“Not only does Huawei have the broadest range of products from a single vendor that we’ve seen, the products themselves are technically world class.” 
Network giant Huawei was previously banned from working on the NBN following fears about possible links with the Chinese government.
The giant is holding a ‘Better Connected’ ICT Symposium in Sydney on 15-16 July at Randwick Racecourse to plug its business.