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Low-Earth Satellite Services Set To Rule In Outback Oz

Australia’s telecommunications companies and governments do not appear to be prepared for a potential shock in  the telecoms market, as low Earth-orbiting satellite (LEO) services begin to roll out across the nation, industry observer Paul Budde has predicted.

In a new posting in his online blog, Budde says LEO services are clearly on the way Down Under.

For instance, NBN Co recently announced that it will expand satellite beams for its NBN satellite service business to cover 100 percent of Australia and its surrounding large islands.

Budde says another company planning to participate in this  development is the ASX-listed Vocus Communications, which he predicts will shortly be backed by the powerful Macquarie Bank.

(CDN notes that Vocus shares  – which are included in CDN’s daily page-four stockmarket listings –have been on the rise in recent weeks.)

Meanwhile, he predicts that, if LEO services become successful, it will be by far the cheapest way to provide regional and remote Australia with truly high-speed broadband – having a massive effect on the NBN, Telstra, mobile operators and government.

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