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Logitech Add Home Kit Support To New Pop Smart Buttons

Logitech has announced it’ll be bringing support for Apple’s Home Kit software to both new and old owners of its Pop Smart Buttons.

The Pop Smart Buttons, a suite of smart-home ready accessories launched last year, previously offered compatibility with compatible with most smart home brands including Phillips, LIFX, Sonos, Harmony, and Belkin.

However, at the time, the absence of Apple’s own Home Kit seemed like an odd omission made more conspicuous by the slim-lined iPod white aesthetics of the Pop Smart Buttons themselves.

“Today’s smart home is about bridging simplicity with a more shared experience,” said Renee Niemi, vice president and general manager of Logitech Smart Home.

As a result of the partnership, Pop Smart buttons will start to make their way into Apple stores.

“We are passionate about enabling customers to get the most versatility and entertainment within their connected homes. Adding Apple HomeKit to Pop allows us to provide even more ways to simplify access to your HomeKit-enabled home for the entire family to enjoy.”

The new range doesn’t appear to add any substantial improvements over the old one but it does come in four colors: white, alloy, coral, and teal.

Support for Home Kit will even extend to existing Pop Smart Button owners via software update.

Australian pricing has yet to be detailed but it’s expected that Logitech will adopt the same pricing structure as they did last year, with a Starter Pack containing three switches priced at $100 (USD) while additional Switches will run you approximately $40 (USD).

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