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Linksys & Trend Micro Boost Velop Wi-Fi Security

Foxconn-owned networking company, Linksys, has boost the security of its Tri-Band Wi-Fi system, by partnering with Trend Micro for its new premium software subscription service ‘Linksys Shield’.

Linksys Shield is available to purchase via the Linksys App, and will be a firmware update for Velop users – A$7.49/month for the ‘Parental Control Subscription’ or A$75.99/year.

Targeting parents and families, the service cross-checks visited websites against a database of millions of identified threats, preventing users from stumbling across malicious URLs.

Offering robust parental controls, families can set ‘age-based content filtering’, schedule screen time, and ‘pause’ internet access on specific devices.

Pledging “advanced browsing protection”, the service blocks unwanted content, and can flag websites which contain violent, adult or unsuitable material.

“We want to put the control back into the hands of our users, so they feel empowered to protect themselves and their loved ones from any potential danger in the digital world their own way,” asserts Linksys Senior Director – Product Development, Justin Doucette.

“Together we are helping protect the homes and minds of Linksys users by securing their digital information in our exceedingly connected world,” adds Trend Micro IoT Business Development Director, Hideyuki Tsugane.

Further information is available on Linksys’ website here.


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