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LG V30 & New G7 Smartphones To Get OLED Screens

The LG V30 which will be a replacement for their award winning V20 is set to get an OLED screen according to sources in Hong Kong, it’s also emerged that LG Display has won a contract to supply OLED screens for Apple devices including the new iPhone8.

This will be followed up with an OLED screen for the G7, both the V20 and the G6 are proving popular in the US market where LG is now the #3 smartphone brand.

LG’s V-series has a history of firsts. In 2016, the 5.7-inch QHD phone was the first to arrive packing Android 7.0 out of the box.

Accoeding to Trusted Reviews, LG G5 was the world’s first smartphone to feature a wide-angled lens on the front of the phone. This enabled selfie (or ussie) fans to capture up to 3-times more of a scene than a standard phone.

Perhaps this year’s V30, if that’s what it’s called, will act as the testing ground for LG’s OLED progress before they’re rolled into the flagship G7?


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