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LG Unveils Its First Smart Speaker Plus New Soundbars

LG is introducing its first smart speaker to its sound range, the LG WK7 ThinQ plus five new soundbars for 2018.

The WK7 ThinQ has Google Assistant embedded into the device with high resolution audio from Meridian Audio. LG joins a list of other consumer electronic companies who are teaming up with Google to produce smart speakers with high quality audio.

The WK7 ThinQ is at a competitive price of $299 with other integrated smart speakers such as the JBL Link 20 which is priced at $299, the Panasonic SC-GA10 at $375 and the Sony LFS50G at $249.

The WK7 ThinQ Smart Speaker

LG is partnering with Meridan Audio with its hardware included in the WK7 ThinQ smart speaker and the SK10Y soundbar.

The LG SK10Y sound bar has a 550W of output, supporting 5.1.2 channels through Dolby Atmos and Meridian Audio. The soundbar can be placed anywhere for what LG says is an ‘immersive sound experience from all directions’. The SK10Y has multiple speakers including upward-firing speakers.

Its priced at $1699.

The SK9Y and SK8Y sound bars are enabled by Dolby Atmos technology. The SK9Y has 500W of total power with 4K HDR allowing 4K content to pass through the device via an HDMI cable.  without compromising the image quality on the screen. The SK9Y is $1499.

The LG SK8Y has 360W total power and features adaptive sound control which automatically adjusts the sound setting according to what’s playing. It is priced at $999.

The SK10Y Soundbar

Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia says, “The integration of Meridian Audio into the range creates incredibly impactful and realistic sound and gives new meaning to what’s possible when it comes to audio experiences in the home.

Our first smart home connected speaker is one of the stand-outs in this year’s range – the LG AI ThinQ WK7 Speaker – which aligns with our focus on AI and with our mission of improving the day-to-day lives of Australians through forward-thinking technology.”

LG says all of its soundbars feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with selected models Google Assistant compatible.

Additional sound bars in 2018 are enabled with Dolby Atmos technology; the 2018 LG SK9Y and SK8Y include this premium cinema sound technology. Dolby Atmos technology produces breathtaking sound quality to deliver clarity, richness, detail and depth for an immersive experience. The High Resolution Audio integrated in these sound bars also reproduces high quality sound from the original recording.

All products mentioned are available now. Check out the full 2018 sound range here.


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