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LG Tease Dual-Screen ‘Wing’ Phone Launch

LG is not giving up on its embattled mobile communications business, with the company teasing an innovative dual-screen ‘Wing’ smartphone ahead of its September 14 event.

The rumoured ‘Wing’ handset has seemingly been confirmed via a marketing video, highlighting its swivelling dual-screen functionality.

Disclosed in a separate press release, LG claims the handset is part of its ‘Explorer Project’, which seeks to deliver “much-needed curiosity and excitement to the mobile sector.”

The company’s recently released LG Velvet handset falls under its ‘Universal line.’

Rumours of LG’s swivelling smartphone first unearthed via The Korean Herald and ETNews earlier this year, and touted a 6.8-inch display screen, with smaller 4-inch screen.

The second screen is deemed to be used for multitasking – in a different form-factor from its former G8X – such as watching a video, and then replying to a text message synonymously.

The forthcoming Wing device is also rumoured to support 5G, and harness a triple-rear camera array.

The smartphone is expected to release internationally later this year, with its design reflecting LG’s differentiation strategy in the current smartphone market.

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