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LG Takes On HTC Vive With Premium ‘UltraGear’ VR Headset

LG showcased a prototype of its premium VR headset at Game Developer Conference this year – now a recent trademark application has revealed the upcoming device’s likely name: ‘LG UltraGear’.

Mobiel Kopen first noticed the application filed to the EUIPO, comprising the following descriptive categories; ‘Head-mounted holographic displays; Virtual Reality headsets’.

The new virtual reality headset will reportedly feature two 3.64″ OLED displays, with a resolution of 1440×1280 and a rate of 90Hz.

Should this be the case, LG’s headset is set to offer better resolution than the current HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The headset will reportedly incorporate SteamVR tracking technology from Valve, similar to HTC’s Vive.


Reports state LG’s VR headset will feature a flip-up design, allowing consumers to lift the front of the headset away from their face, should they need to take a break.

Some commentators speculate the headset will also offer ‘mixed reality capabilities’.

Following Game Developer Conference, LG announced it would utilise developer feedback towards its initial prototype, when crafting the final premium device.

Thus far, LG has not disclosed likely pricing for its VR headset.

Speculation is the Korean-based manufacturer will launch the LG UltraGear VR headset at CES 2018, in January next year.

[Image Source: Android Headlines]

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