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LG Remains Unimpressed By HDR10+

It’s one of the most impressive sights at CES 2018: the LG OLED ‘canyon’. The brand always provides a spectacular entrance to its booth at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and this year was no different.

Visitors were guided through a winding 28m trail between 246 open frame OLED displays, in both concave and convex configurations. The screens looped spectacular nature footage, such as forest, glacier and waterfall for an immersive 2-billion pixel experience. The sheer precision of the creation was mind-boggling, the images strikingly dynamic. To enhance the realism of the exhibit, the soundtrack was presented in Dolby Atmos.

LG open frame OLED displays are more typically used for business-to-business applications and other aspects of digital signage. The canyon features 90 concave and 156 convex screens.

Once through and onto the LG stand proper, the company continued to impress with demonstrations of high-frame rate video, comparing 120HZ smoothness with standard 60Hz material, and various implementations of HDR.

When asked if LG would extend its HDR TV compatibility to include HDR10+, Darren Petersen, Head of Product marketing, offered Inside CI an unqualified ‘No.’ The company says its own HDR Pro processing, which adds dynamic metadata to static HDR10, has made the new technology irrelevant.

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