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LG OLED TVs Will Support DTS:X

New LG OLED TVs will upgrade audio To DTS:X, so if you value sound output, LG’s 202 television line will provide native support for DTS codecs, including Dolby Atmos competitor DTS:X.

Xperi – the name responsible for DTS:X – say LG’s OLED and premium LCD TVs will now include their audio codec, and LG itself reveal all its 2023 OLED TVs will be able to decode DTS, DTS:X and IMAX enhanced audio codecs.

Still, the speakers on the actual units won’t be up for the job, so you’ll need an external system that can deliver, such as the new JBL line of soundbars.

So why is DTS:X so exciting? Like Dolby Atmos, it delivers a multi-dimensional, realistic soundstage, in which the audio delivered moves around you, creating a more realistic feel.

It’s also object-based in a three-dimensional space, as opposed to channel-based. This means you don’t need a specific set-up for it to do its magic – a soundbar with three speaker channels will suffice.

It also, theoretically, has better audio quality then Dolby Atmos, owing to it supporting higher bitrates.

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