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LG Leaps Into The Fitness Market

LG has launched Fitness Candy, subscription-based app that offers a range of exercise programs.

Fitness Candy provides content in six categories: strength training, core strengthening, high-intensity interval training, dance, stretching and meditation.

The sessions range from between 10 and 40 minutes, and will be updated each week.

The app will be available on smartphones and smart TVs, and will collect data from smart bands, cameras and exercise devices.

In addition, Fitness Candy will offer sports, variety shows and documentaries, as well as content that helps with healthy diets, rehabilitation and stress relief.

So far the service has only been announced in South Korea, and will launch in September.

Interestingly, Samsung says “the company also plans to develop products such as muscle strengthening devices, indoor bicycles and smart bands.”

This minor detail, tucked towards the end of the press release, shows Samsung may be planning to compete with Peloton.

“We will transform LG’s business paradigm from function-oriented home appliances into a customer experience-oriented company, transforming into a company that provides smart life solutions to deliver the best customer experience,” said William Cho, CEO of LG Electronics.

“Through Fitness Candy, LG’s innovative technology and SM’s content creating capabilities will converge to create differentiated smart life solutions that provide never-before-seen customer experiences.”


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