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LG Launches ‘V40 ThinQ’ With Five Cameras

LG has taken on the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy A7 and Huawei’s P20 Pro, after launching its new V40 ThinQ overnight, featuring a notable five cameras.

The 6.4-inch OLED device incorporates AI capabilities like other ThinQ devices, plus LG’s signature hi-fi Quad DAC “boombox” speaker.

The new V40 ThinQ will launch in America mid-October for around US$900+. (Australian pricing and availability yet to be confirmed).

As an added sweetener, LG is offering US consumers a free DJ Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal and 256GB SanDisk microSD.

The new five camera set-up will deploy a suite of new software features – e.g. “triple preview” which provides a live view from all three [rear] cameras simultaneously.

Consumers can use the feature to better select their preferred lens.

A new “triple shot” feature allows users to capture all three angles with a single shutter button, whilst automatically saving each individual image, and compiling a GIF of the lens transition.

Just like LG’s G7, the new V40 ThinQ boasts AI camera assistance to automatically optimise settings.

Further specifications below:


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