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LG Launch 2019 Soundbars With Meridian, Dolby & Google Smarts

LG Electronics has boost its home entertainment audio portfolio, with the launch of several new products featuring built-in Meridian, Google Assistant and Dolby intelligence – releasing locally in March and April.

[LG Australia]

The soundbars leverage LG’s partnership with high-resolution audio pioneer, Meridian, who assisted with product development and component selection.

“Our partnership with Meridian means we can deliver amazing audio performance to Australian households – and really provide Aussies with a fully packaged premium viewing experience,” asserts General Manager of Marketing LG Electronics Australia, Angus Jones.

“The breadth of the new range meets a growing demand for high-end Sound Bar products that provide high-fidelity sound, a premium aesthetic and cutting-edge connectivity.”

With built-in Google Assistant, the soundbars are designed to boost home entertainment when paired with a 2019 LG UHD, SUPER UHD or OLED TV, whilst offering voice control capabilities with other smart home products.

The 2019 soundbar line-up debuts three premium models – the SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG – complemented by innovation accolades at CES 2019.

Marketed as the “ultimate LG entertainment experience upgrade”, the products pledge immersive playback across sports, gaming and home cinema.

Offering between 440W – 570W of total sound power, and between 3.1.2 to 5.1.2 channels, the soundbars claim to deliver strong, multi-dimensional audio capabilities.

Harnessing Meridan’s Upmix technology, the soundbars transform two-channel audio and virtual upgrades into a multi-channel experience.

Tones claim to be balanced and distortion-free, with enhanced vocal and instrument delivery.

Further enhancing its value proposition, the new LG SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG soundbars also support Dolby Atmos, for multi-directional “true to life” sound.

The soundbars incorporate an advanced sound processing algorithm to enhance conventional audio into a three dimensional experience.

For an added boost, consumers can augment the soundbars with LG’s SPK8-S Rear Speaker Kit, offering an extra 140W and 2 rear channels.

The new SL10YG, SL8YG and SL9YG soundbars boast upward firing speakers for “above and around-sound”, with the later supporting upward wall mounting.

Further information and full specifications are available on LG Australia’s website here.

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