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LG Innotek Unveils New Fingerprint Sensor Tech

LG Innotek has revealed an under-glass fingerprint sensor module, without a button, allowing users to place their finger on the cover-glass of a phone, which then identifies their fingerprint.

LG Innotek states that the module provides “freedom of the smartphone design”, noting that previous “button-type” modules required users to press a finger on a raised square or circular button.

With the module, the sensor is not exposed to the outside of the device, allowing manufacturers to produce a sleek-design smartphone, LG Innotek states.

The fingerprint recognition area can also be indicated by various patterns, while high-strength cover-glass protects the sensor, preventing it from coming into direct contact with water or being exposed to damage from scratches.

In terms of fingerprint recognition accuracy, the probability of the system falsely recognising someone else’s biometric information as that of the user, the new module has a false acceptance rate of 0.002 per cent, LG Innotek advised.

LG Innotek stated that it expects “demand for fingerprint recognition technology will dramatically increase due to the expansion of the mobile payment market”, citing market research firm IHS reporting approximately 499 million fingerprint sensors having been sold globally in 2015, expecting that this will increase to 1,600 million units in 2020.

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