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LG Electronics Unveils New Duobo Coffee Machine

LG Electronics are unveiling the first ever capsule coffee machine, dubbed DUOBO by LG Labs, a new marketing platform created to deliver experimental, innovative experiences for customers.

DUOBO was designed to revolutionise the coffee brewing process through features and technologies delivering convenience and personalised flavour.

The dual-capsule extraction system allows two-shot layered blending, allowing users to create and savour distinctive blend. Easily controlled through the DUOBO mobile app, allowing users to adjust temperature and pressure to suit their individual preferences.

The device is compatible with various brands of coffee capsules, with a wide range of strengths, flavours, and roasts.

Combining innovation with a captivating design, bringing inspiration from space exploration, with a sleek, elegant appearance that resembles a space probe, embodying LG’s vision of new, intriguing flavours, and concept for a “taste of space.”

DUOBO was unveiled on July 20th, commemorating Apollo 11’s first moon landing in 1969.

It features integrated full HD IPS display at the spot coffee cups are placed, adding an extra layer of enjoyment, and allowing users to have access to a variety of content including the exclusive animations and coffee-related information.

LG teamed up with six of the world’s top baristas, and during an event held in New York, onlookers saw them demonstrate the easy use of DUOBO, creating blends and discussing the unique benefits.

Managing Director of the Customer Experience Innovation Division at LG Electronics, Lee Hyang-eun said, “DUOBO is truly an innovative product, redefining the entire coffee experience from the art of crafting and savouring the perfect cup to establishing meaningful connections with our valued customers. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we will strive to offer unparalleled customised solutions that cater specifically to each individual’s preferences, ensuring a personalised and delightful coffee journey where customer participation plays a vital role.”

DUOBO became available for crowdfunding on July 20th, with coffee aficionados and early adopters able to save 50% through the Super Early Bird deal offered on Kickstarter.

For more information, see http://www.official-duobo.com

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