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LG Double Down On Double Premium AV Strategy With New SUHD TVs

Alongside their top-of-the-line OLED range, LG’s 2017 TV lineup also features a number of more-affordable Super UHD 4K TVs.

Employing NanoCell technology to deliver better HDR results, LG says their third-generation Super UHD TV’s will offer “an enhanced picture that absorbs excess light waves, resulting in purer, cleaner colours.”

At the low end of things, the range starts with a $2099 49-inch display and then ramps up to $14,699 for the high-end 86-inch option.

TVs in the range will boast both Dolby Vision support, Harmon Kardon-powered sound tech and the more recent version of LG’s Smart TV software, WebOS3.5.

LG say the new range packs a capability for better HDR results than previous models and say that their NanoCell-powered display will ensure good viewing experiences no matter how the seating in your living room is arranged.

“We’re always improving our product innovations at LG to give our customers incredible experiences in the home and this year we’re certain the 2017 LG TV and Audio Visual range delivers our most premium in-home cinema experience to date,” said Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing, LG Electronics Australia.

They’ll roll out to retailers throughout late-March and early-April, depending on the size.

Full size and pricing details are available on LG’s website.

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