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LG Australia Recalls 15 TV Models Over Fire Fears

UPDATE: LG Australia issued ChannelNews with the following quote:

“As LG Electronics uses non-flammable materials that meet international safety standards for TV products, any overheating is extremely unlikely to lead to fire but could in extreme cases pose a potential electrical hazard. We encourage all LG TV owners of affected models to contact us and arrange a replacement power board to prevent the issue.”

LG Australia has been forced to recall 15 various models of smart televisions over fears they will catch fire and emit dangerous smoke.

Various 65” and 77” LG Smart TVs manufactured between February 2016 and September 2019 have been urgently recalled, with LG warning “the x-capacitors in the power board can deteriorate and may fail unsafely at the rear of the TV which can cause a flame and emit smoke.”

This holds the “risk of serious injury or electric shock and risk of smoke inhalation or flame to occur”, according to the recall.

“In circumstances where there is a flame or smoke being emitted, do not use any liquid to extinguish as this poses the risk of electric shock and serious injury to occur,” the warning reads.

“Immediately leave the vicinity of the TV and turn the main power to the property off.”

The affected models are:

• 65E6
• 65G6
• 77G6
• 65B7
• 65C7
• 65E7
• 65G7
• 65W7
• 77W7
• 65W8
• 77C8
• 77W8
• 65W9
• 77C9
• 77W9

Consumers with affected TVs should contact LG Electronics Australia on 1800 643 156 to arrange a technician to replace the power board free of charge or in the case of irreparable damage, replacement of the tv free of charge.

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