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LG Australia Launches Auto-Dosing Washing Machine

LG Electronics Australia has released its new range of ezDispense washing machines, which will make sure you use the correct amount of detergent every time.

The LG front load washing machines introduces preset auto-dosing technology, which works by detecting the weight of each load and automatically releasing a preset detergent dose.

There are different reservoirs for liquid detergent and softener in the drawer, with enough room to do 35 regular loads with each fill.

“Our latest auto-dosing washing machines gives the age-old chore of doing the laundry a level up,” explains Shannon Tweedie, Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia.

“This is a smart example of technology that not only delivers great results, but also frees Australians from the technical side of things.

“Personally, I love the idea of being able to fill the dispenser once, then keep my laundry bench tops free of clutter from detergent bottles.

“I think many Aussies find appeal in the idea of set and forget when it comes to doing our everyday chores.”

The LG ezDispense washing machine range is available now, starting from RRP $999.

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