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LG 5G Smartphone Coming Mid 2019

As the race to 5G continues, LG has announced it’s on track to release America’s first 5G-smartphone in the first half of 2019, following a new partnership with Sprint.

Sprint affirms its customers will be among the world’s first to access 5G mobile connectivity, with specifications for the accompanying LG handset set to be announced later.

LG North America President and CEO, William Cho, asserts the deal extends a 20 year partnership between the two companies, with “Sprint experts” a key component of LG’s 5G push.

Sprint claims 5G mobile tech will allow consumers to download full-length HD movies “in seconds, instead of minutes” with intensive gaming occurring “without delays, hiccups or time lag.”

“Building on LG’s legacy of innovation, our teams are enthusiastic about partnering with Sprint’s 5G experts to bring next-generation mobile to market in the U.S,” asserts Mr Cho.

Sprint Chief Technology Officer, Dr John Saw, affirms LG’s well-crafted handsets will position the carrier as one of the world’s first movers in mobile 5G.

As previously reported, in June Huawei Acting CEO, Eric Xu, confirmed his intention to launch 5G chips in March 2019, and compatible smartphones by June.

The Chinese-based company claims its on track to sell 200 million smartphones this year, despite continuing to combat allegations of national security concerns.

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