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CES 2017: Lenovo To Enter Home Hub Market With Smart Assistant

Lenovo has announced that it’ll be entering the smart home hub arena with a new device called the Smart Assistant.

Boasting both a similar design to and a lot of the tech powering the Amazon Echo, the Smart Assistant is a small cylindrical device that leverages eight far-field microphones to pick up voice commands with greater reliability than Amazon’s device.

Once set up, users will be able to listen to music, ask questions, search for information and control smart home gadgets using voice commands.

The similarities between the two devices even extend to the software side of things with the Smart Assistant able to be controlled and configured using the Alexa app.

A more-expensive Harman Kardon version of the device will also be available, which looks to add premium audio to the equation and give it a more defineable edge over competitors.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant is set to arrive in May for approximately $129 USD.

Australian pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

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