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Lenovo Targets Families And Entertainment With New Tablet Range

Lenovo has revealed a suite of new tablets for entertainment and families as part of Mobile World Congress 2021.

The new Yoga Tab 13, Yoga Tab 11, and Tab P11 Plus, as well as the new third-generation Tab M7 and M8, were – according to Lenovo – built for a world where people are spending more time streaming, gaming, learning, and working at home.

“As the lines separating our relaxation time from hours spent working or learning start to blur, Lenovo is helping consumers rediscover their happy place with mobile experiences that make adapting to today’s new hybrid lifestyle much easier,” the manufacturer said.

Headlining the range is the Yoga Tab 13 (above right). Wi-Fi 6 compatible and built with a sturdy kickstand that doubles as a hanger, the Yoga Tab 13 can be propped up on its base for landscape viewing or hung from a door hook. It is billed as an entertainment tablet, with a large 1080p display, quad JBL speakers, Entertainment Space from Google, and an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor with 8GB of memory.

Alongside it is its smaller brother, the Yoga Tab 11 (above left), pitched more towards family use with a built-in Eye Care Mode, Google Kids Space, and extra-durable fabric. Also in the family tablet space, the updated third-generation Tab M7 and M8 feature an all-metal build, with select models also including a Smart Charging Station to turn them into a Google Assistant-powered smart home hub.

Finally, the Tab P11 Plus (above centre) is built for both entertainment and productivity, with an octa-core ARM processor, an optional keyboard pack, and a battery that Lenovo says can provide up to 12 hours of video streaming.

Official Australian pricing and availability for the new tablet range have yet to be revealed.

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