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Laundry In A Lifetime: LG Study Reveals Time Spent Clothes Washing

New LG research has revealed that 58 per cent of people surveyed spend a minimum of three hours per week doing their laundry, while 59 per cent do in excess of three separate washing loads per week.

According to LG, this means that most Australians over the course of their lifetime will spend over a year (384 days) completing laundry, completing 9,204 loads of washing.

The LG Annual Household Survey 2016 additionally shows that 26 per cent of people spend up to five hours a week washing their clothes, while 14 per cent spend upwards of seven hours each week washing.

lg4“It’s no secret that laundry can be a big task, especially when you have multiple loads on your to-do list,” LG Australia home appliance marketing manager Brad Reed commented. “And while washing is important, at LG we think a lot of our customers would rather spend time doing other things over laundry.

“Our research shows the overwhelming majority (82 per cent) of Australians do laundry for more than one person, and with laundry baskets constantly filled to the brim it’s vital that we look to new technology to make this task easier.”

LG states that its new large-capacity WTG1432VH and WTG1432WH 14 kg top-load smartwashers are “designed to keep a busy family on top of their mountain of clothes and to help them reduce the overall loads required each week”.

The machines use a combination of six motions, mimicking “the varied action of hand washing to clean clothes”, designed to tackle dirt while being gentle on delicate fabrics and helping to reduce the production of lint.

The WTG1432VH and WTG1432WH are additionally equipped with an on-board heater with tub clean, with a hot water wash setting, while a special cycle is designed to clean the tub, helping to remove detergent build-up and other residue.lg3

Smart Diagnosis 3.0 allows the washing machine to “talk for itself”, employing either a smartphone app or by calling the LG Customer Information Centre to find a solution, potentially saving time and money on unnecessary callouts.

A transparent glass lid with a soft-closing function allows washing to be checked without opening the machine, while a water-resistant touch-button LED display means damp clothes can be rested on the machine without affecting the controls.

LG states that a full stainless steel tub is more effective in helping to control bacteria growth than conventional tubs made of plastic.

The machines come with a decade-long parts warranty on the inverter direct drive motor.

The WTG1432VH is priced at $2,099 RRP and the WTG1432WH $1,999 RRP, with the machines to be available at Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Radio Rentals, JB Home, Winning Appliances and Betta Electrical.

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