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Laser Launches Nifty S8 Charger Alarm

Australian technology company Laser has rolled out a neat new $98 device that combines a digital alarm clock, Qi Wireless charging station and Bluetooth speaker.

Laser say that it’s “the perfect bedside table accessory for the modern couple.”

“Launched as the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S8 brings the opportunity for more consumers to wirelessly charge their devices than ever before, Laser delivers a cost-effective digital alarm clock that also charges Qi-enabled devices, adding convenience and reducing clutter.”

The company says that using the charger is as simple as placing a Qi-enabled device on top of the alarm clock, with an indicator light displaying when your device is fully charged.

It’s worth checking online before you commit to make sure your phone is compatible. Though common among major smartphones brands, not all handsets support Qi charging.

The alarm’s built-in speaker can be connected to audio sources via Bluetooth, NFC or traditional auxiliary cable. The alarm also packs in a trio of classic USB ports below the front-facing display for non-wireless devices in need of a boost.

It is available now exclusively through Harvey Norman for $98.

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