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Fujitsu Launches Thinner Air Cons In OZ Than Native Japan

Fujitsu has been able to shrink its thinner series of wall-mounted air conditioners down to 18.5 cm (or 20% than the company’s other models), according to the Nikkei Business Daily.

The new models achieve their slim profile on the back of new production sizes at 87 cm wide. While Fujitsu’s air conditioners typically come in 80 cm to accommodate the gaps between posts in Japanese rooms, the new models set to be marketed across the rest of the world don’t suffer the same limitation.

With the greater width comes more surface area for the heat exchanger to cool, while maintaining a slimline design. This design is heightened by hidden control buttons and a modified remote controller.

The new units will hit Australia by the end of 2011, after Europe, China and Taiwan received the units last month. The US and South American markets will see the air conditioners in 2012.

Fujitsu Ltd, ┬áis one of the 55 companies that signed a letter from the Carbon Markets & Investor Association in support of the Gillard Government’s carbon emissions trading system that is to start next year.

The company’s Australian presence is growing as it prepares to hire 1,000 workers on top of its 5,000 Australian and New Zealand staff in the region.

Half would replace departing employees in the next 18 months, while the other will fill in new positions on the back of NBN Co deals and deals in the government and banking sectors.