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Optus Go OTT

Optus Go OTT Optus announced Voice over IP (VoIP) application, ipPhone Express available for wholesale customers. 

The over-the-top (OTT) cloud based Internet voice service, ipPhone Express, can be accessed either via a traditional phone handset, PC or an IP phone.This is the first time the product has been offered through Optus Wholesale and will create new revenue opportunities for resellers, the telco says. 
Optus resellers can transfer customers from existing service providers without them having to give-up their old landline number. The VoIP service can be offered over-the-top of any broadband connection. 
Optus anticipates strong interest in this product as resellers explore the new opportunities in a NBN world as customers’ migrate from copper-based phone lines to NBN, says Robert Parcell, MD, Optus Wholesale and Satellite. 
“An over-the-top cloud-based voice solution that allows resellers to transfer customers from competitors and keep their ‘all important’ landline number is a key differentiator for Optus and a very exciting proposition for our wholesale partners.”
ipPhone Express offers: local, national, fixed to mobile and international calls at more competitive rates and with reduced line rental fees; the ability to manage call forwarding, phone contact lists and diversions on the fly through a simple personal web agent. 
Resellers should contact their Optus Wholesale Account Manager for further information.