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Microsoft OZ Call PR Pitch

Microsoft OZ Call PR Pitch

ChannelNews has been told that both the gaming and
mainstream Microsoft business account has been put out to pitch with several major
Companies looking to submit their credentials.

Among the agencies set to pitch the business is Edelman who
has the Microsoft hardware: mice, keyboards and gaming peripherals account in
the USA.

The pitch could also see Waggener Edstrom Worldwide pitch
the business via Buchan Consulting.

Waggener Edstrom who are Microsoft’s main PR advisors in the
USA invested in Buchanan Consulting back in 2011.

ChannelNews understands that WPP are already looking at
which of their PR Companies could put themselves in a position to pitch for the
overall Australian business.

A spokesperson at one agency which is set to pitch said when
asked who their main competitor were said “Everyone is going to have a stab at
this account”.

Doug Johns, Group Director who is listed on the Microsoft
web site as the key contact on the Microsoft account at Howorth though he does
have a Professional Public Relations email address did not return our calls
requesting a comment on the fact that Microsoft has called a pitch.