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Kogan Trashes Toshiba TV Prices, Brand Was Once Exclusive At Harvey Norman

Serious questions are being asked after Kogan started ranging Toshiba TV’s which have traditionally been sold at Harvey Norman at what has been described as “ridiculously” cheap prices.

Currently Harvey Norman is only ranging a bottom end 40” and two 32” Toshiba TV’s.

While Kogan is offering a top end Toshiba 65” Android 4K UHD TV for as low as $1,249 and a Toshiba 55” Android UHD LED TV for $839.

Toshiba is a Japanese brand and when compared with what arch rival Sony is selling a similar model Android TV for the price difference is staggering.

In today’s The Good Guys catalogue a Sony 55” Android 4K UHD TV is listed at $4,295 for one model and $1,895 for a second Sony 4K TV. This is more than double what Kogan is offering the same sized 4K UHD TV for.

The Sony 65” 4K TV is listed at $2,795 compared to $1,249 for the 65” Toshiba TV.

Unlike Samsung and LG Both Toshiba and Sony don’t manufacture their own TV’s instead they rely on manufacturers in Asia.

In Australia Toshiba TV’s are distributed by Powermove, who is now believed to be supplying Kogan after stitching up the rights to continue selling the Toshiba brand in Australia.

One observer said “something appears to have happened. The price of Toshiba TV’s is being trashed at Kogan while Harvey Norman is not ranging any of the premium or mid-market Toshiba TV’s”.

Last year Skyworth executives, the manufacturer of the Toshiba TV’s that are sold in Australia said that Toshiba was hoping to launch an OLED TV mid-year in Australia, but this never eventuated.

Neither Harvey Norman or Kogan have commented for this story.

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