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KitchenAid Debuts First ‘Bake Assist’ Microwave – From Cakes To Roasts

Renowned for its range of mixers, KitchenAid has debuted its first “Bake Assist” Microwave Oven (A$799), claimed to make baking “easier” and “faster”.

The new Bake Assist Microwave aims to be a versatile all-in-one countertop appliance, and a “perfect match” for KitchenAid’s recognisable Stand Mixer.

In addition to traditional baking, the new Bake Assist Microwave features Steam, Grill and Crisp functions.

KitchenAid claims the Bake Assist Microwave provides the performance of “full-size” oven in a more compact countertop size.

A one-touch button provides users a suite of cooking modes, recipes and functions, and ensures cooking conditions remain optimal.

[KitchenAid Bake Assist Microwave Oven]

Claimed to cater to all skill levels, the new KitchenAid Bake Assist Microwave has over ten key functions, catering to both food prep (e.g. softening  butter), and final baking.

KitchenAid ANZ Marketing Director, Filiz Bensan, affirms the new microwave oven is perfect for a wide variety of uses including “desserts” and “roast dinners”.

Intended to save time, the product has two Combi Modes – the first combining Microwave and Grill heating functions to assist in the cooking of gratin vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and more; the second combining Microwave and Convection cooking for oven-baked dishes such as roast meats and pastries.

Courtesy of an automatic cleaning cycle, the Bake Assist Microwave cleans its internal cavity for the removal of unpleasant outdoors and stains, ensuring flavours don’t mix.

KitchenAid’s Bake Assist Microwave Oven is available to purchase online and from several authorised retailers for RRP$799.

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