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Key Telstra 5G Supplier Involved In Sex Scandal

ZTE the Chinese Company that Telstra uses to manufacture their house branded smartphones and is the same Company banned by the US Federal Government because of security issues is now managing a sex scandal involving one of their directors.

The company that was initially banned by Telstra before given the green light to commence supply has announced that Bao Yuming, also known as Robert Y Bao, had stepped down from its board and is under investigation for sexual assault.

There has been no explanation as to why he uses two different names.

Andy Penn the CEO of Telstra, recently talked up 5G when introduced a new ZTE made mmWave 5G device that he wants Australians to use in their homes and businesses instead of NBN. The device is made by ZTE a Company that US security services banned because of security risks similar to what is associated with Huawei products that have been banned by the Australian Federal Government. Telstra are set to turn on their mmWave technology this year using ZTE made connection devices.

The firm, which makes smartphones and carrier gear for Telstra said in a stock exchange filing that it was “concerned” by recent media reports concerning the sex scandal involving an adopted daughter.

Chinese media claim that he is being investigated for sexual abuse involving his adopted daughter in a case that includes child pornography.

Bao Yuming quit, the Shenzhen-based late last week.

Jereh Oilfield Services Group, where Bao used to serve as a vice president in charge of legal affairs, fired the man, the Yantai-based company said in a statement on its WeChat.

Chinese media reported on April 8 that Bao’s foster child had called the police in April 2019 due to violent abuse that contained forcing the victim to film herself and watch child pornography for four years since she was 14.

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, police in the city of Yantai, in Shandong province, investigated a complaint against Mr Bao in April 2019 and concluded that his behaviour had not constituted a crime.

However, a fresh complaint was made against him in October and police have launched another investigation, the paper said.

In a filing with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Friday, ZTE said that it had received the resignation letter of Mr Bao – a non-executive board member – and that he would no longer hold any position at the company.

Also, on Friday, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, in Chongqing, said Mr Bao had been dismissed from his post as a part-time researcher.

Mr Bao has been at ZTE since mid-2018, according to the Global Times. In its 2018 annual report, ZTE described Mr Bao as “one of the top 10 chief legal officers in the country”.

He also has worked as a lawyer, partner, and senior legal advisor in Beijing, Tianjin, New York, and California since 1996, according to public information.

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