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iPhone 5C Ain’t Cheap

In fact, new iPhone 5c is more expensive than ever – with Vodafone and Telstra plans starting at $60 and $71 respectively.

And that’s not to mention handset fees.  
Voda’s cheapest plan costs $60, plus $4 monthly handset fee. The red telco’s pre orders have been good, but not as strong as previous generations of the ‘must-have’ phone since opening on Friday, a company source told Smarthouse. 
Apple new iPhone 5c comes in pink, yellow blue and green but it still looks the same ol’ iPhone – with the formulaic 4″ screen and design. 
New specs include: A6 chip, 8 megapixel camera and a new FaceTime HD camera. Voda $60 plan (+$4 monthly fee) comes with Infinite calls, text and 1.5 GB data. Pricier plans from Voda including – $65 (+$2) and $85 and $100 plans. 
Voda initial pre order figures seen by Smarthouse show top three most popular iPhone 5c colours on pre-order were Blue, followed by White and Pink. 
Meanwhile Telstra is selling iPhone 5c starting at $71- its cheapest plan.  The telco opened preorders for the new ‘coloured’ smartphone on Friday. No word on how preorders are going, yet. 
Telstra $71 plan includes $600 value with unlimited text with 1GB data. Higher plan options include $82, $100 and $130. 
But most analysts reckon Apple are not on to a winner.

The new iPhone was believed to address the budget end of the market, but the new plastic iPhone is more expensive than ever – outright prices start at A$739/$869 a pop. 
“The iPhone 5c remains at the same price point as the existing mid-range model in Apple’s smartphone line, the iPhone 4S,” said Francis Sideco, IHS analyst, which has not upgraded its iPhone shipment forecast for the second half of the year.
Virgin, often the cheapest telco, has not released plans yet, and won’t be doing so until this Friday. Optus, too has held off releasing its 5c plans until September 20.