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CEA Changes Name To Consumer Technology Association

CEA Changes Name To Consumer Technology AssociationCTA announced the name change and introduced a new logo at CES Unveiled New York, a half-day event previewing products and technologies two months before CES 2016.

The CTA states that by replacing the term “Electronics” with “Technology” it more accurately represents its members, many of which are non-hardware innovators.

“Innovation and expansion are hallmarks of the consumer technology industry and our association – and as our industry changes, so must we,” Gary Shapiro, CTO president and CEO, commented.

“Our membership and the consumer technology sector have grown and evolved to engage almost every major industry segment and America’s burgeoning start-up economy, touching almost every part of consumers’ lives.

“Our new name – the Consumer Technology Association – more accurately represents this growth and the excitement and innovative spirit of the industry we represent. CTA also better captures our association’s vision, scope of advocacy, current membership base and brand promise.”

The CTA will continue to own and produce CES – The Global Stage for Innovation.

“Because CES is a global brand representing innovation – where the international technology community comes to experience the latest trends, conduct game-changing business and enjoy the serendipity of discovery – the CES name will not change with the association’s evolution to CTA,” the CTA stated.

The CTA began as the Radio Manufacturers Association in 1924, later became the Electronic Industries Association, then the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association and, in 1999, the Consumer Electronics Association.