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Siemens Rolls Out SMB Comms System

The system works by combining key office resources such as email, voicemail, mobile phone, office phone, conferencing and fax into the one communications system with presence and messaging applications all delivered via a single screen on the desktop.  

HiPath Open Office comes complete with a comprehensive toolset of productivity, mobility and collaboration features all pre-configured on an easy-to-install hardware platform.  The system can be integrated with any existing IT environment due to its open standards design, minimising costs and the potential barriers to entry for SMBs.

Each HiPath Open Office user license comes complete with the Siemens OpenScape Office unified communication suite that features:

·         Presence status: This application allows individuals to see the availability of co-workers so they can tell if they’re in a meeting, on the phone or available for a quick chat.

·         Conference management: This feature makes it quick and easy to set up a conference call without the additional cost of a third party supplier.  Users simply ‘drag and drop’ participants from their directory into the call and the discussion can begin.

·         Microsoft Outlook Plug-in:  HiPath Open Office integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook so that individuals can access all of their communications via the one screen on the desktop.

·         One number service: This call management feature routes calls according to the user’s status; if they’re in a meeting it will go through to voicemail whereas if they’re out at lunch, it will be diverted through to their mobile phone.

·         Call Me! functionality:  For people who travel with business or work from home occasionally, this feature allows calls to be put through to whatever device the user chooses for the same price as calls to the office.

·         Attendant console: Designed for company operators, office administrators or team leaders, the attendant console is a single screen that shows incoming calls, calls on hold, and the presence status of everyone in the organisation.

HiPath Open Office also has a live recording feature built-in for those important calls, voicemail, instant messaging and a fax message box that automatically converts faxes into emails for easy filing.  Scalable so that SMBs can grow at a comfortable pace, HiPath Open Office also comes with VoIP functionality as standard at no extra cost.