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iOS Jump To The Beats

iOS Jump To The Beats
iOS Jump To The BeatsBeats Music
app now appears on Apple’s app list alongside iTunes U, iMovie and Garage Band
after it purchased the headphone maker for US$3 billion earlier this year. 

The subscription
streaming app is now being offered on ‘Apple Apps’ listing in the Apps Store alongside other free apps. 
Beats Music subscription service is not yet available directly in Australia but its likely Apple are planning to
expand to more countries in the not too distant future, and is said to be a core reason it purchase Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s company. 
It currently
is believed to have over 110,000 subscribers which is pretty tame compared to Pandora
or Spotify whose users numbers are in the tens of millions. 
Beats Music has over
20 million tracks, to date.