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TV War: LG Slash The Price Of Their OLED 55″ TV, $5,000 Cheaper Than Similar Samsung Model

TV War: LG Slash The Price Of Their OLED 55" TV, $5,000 Cheaper Than Similar Samsung Model

LG claim that they are #1 in this category “by a long way” but they are not saying how many of their flagship products they have sold.
Retailers have told ChannelNews that the new TV has “not been” a top TV seller but t is an “excellent” flagship product for LG TV technology. 

Despite having a recommended retail price of $5,999, Harvey Norman is still advertising the product at $7,999, it is not known whether Harvey Norman are looking to pocket the $2,000 difference. The TV is sitting alongside the 55″ Samsung OLED TV which is $10,999.

 “We believe LG is the only company in Australia that can currently supply OLED TVs in significant volume. Much has been written about companies struggling with OLED manufacturing, but not LG. We have been able to master the manufacture of OLED TV technology, and we’re incredibly excited that we are able to innovate and lead in this new segment. Lambro Skropidis, General Manager Marketing at LG Australia.

In order to position the company as a leader in OLED TV technology, LG is currently establishing OLED manufacturing facilities throughout the world in anticipation of increased demand for OLED TV technology.

“We see OLED technology as the future of television, and we believe consumers with plasma and LED/LCD TV’s will look at superior OLED technology as a real option for their next purchase. The new price point will bring our most innovative TV technology to more Australians seeking greater picture quality combined with absolute style,” he added.
During the next few months a major battle is set to break out in the large screen TV market with Harvey Norman set to start offering the Philips range of smart TV’s. Currently TCL is in talks with JB HI Fi in an effort to get their budget large screen TV’s ranged by the mass retailer.

In the second half of 2014 Philips will launch their award winning range of TV’s in Australia.

 Recently the Philips DesignLine TV won a ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best’ award for a design that was described as being a TV of the highest quality TV’s and a model that had revolutionised television design.

The Philips Elevation TV will go on sale in Australia this year according to Tempo the local distributor of Philips TV’s.

It’s ultra-slim design features 4-sided Ambilight and transparent base, creates the impression of a TV floating in a halo of light.

TP Vision who make the Philips TV’s announces that both the Philips DesignLine and the Philips Elevation will be sold in Australia. 

With a thickness of only 13.5mm the Elevation which can be propped up against a wall.