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Jamo Update Concert 9 Speaker Series

Klipsch-owned Danish audio brand Jamo has updated its Concert 9 passive speaker series, building on the brand’s award-winning design DNA.

The Concert 9 line gives several options to design conscious consumers assembling their own home theatre set-ups, featuring two pairs of tower speakers (C97II: $2390, C95II: $1850), two pairs of monitors (C91 II: $790, C93 II: $1090), a centre channel speaker (C9 CEN II: $650), and a pair of surround speakers (C9 SUR II: $890).

Jamo has designed the Concert 9 series to produce balanced, natural, and open sound that retain their clarity even when pushed to the limit.

The company promises “immersive and impactful” listening from anywhere in the room.

All speakers are available in black ash, white, and dark apple finishes, designed to complement and blend in with existing decor for a seamless aesthetic true to the company’s Danish roots.

Magnetic tweed grilles come in heather grey for the white speakers and charcoal for the black ash and dark apple models.

The Concert 9 speakers are expected to hit our shores in early July, distributed by Melbourne-based QualiFi.

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