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Jamo Launches New Outdoor Speakers

Jamo has introduced a new range of all-weather speakers to bring “balanced, natural sound” to the outdoors.

Owned by Klipsch and distributed by Qualifi in Australia, Jamo’s new outdoor speaker collection includes landscape and rock speakers, as well as wall-mounted speakers and a new amplifier.

The JL-4 landscape satellite speakers feature an ultra-compact design and a 4-inch aluminum full-range driver for “detailed, dynamic, balanced sound”. An accompanying half-burial subwoofer, the JL-10SW, is also available and features a charcoal grey finish for blending into the surroundings.

Three new Jamo rock speakers, as well as a new rock subwoofer, offer additional options for high-quality audio that blends into the environment. Granite and sandstone finishes are available for the range.

Surface-mount Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) 2-way speakers also join the new range, which Jamo said are “voiced to match their box home theater and architectural counterparts” but can be used outdoors with weatherproof cabinets and drivers.

Adding power to the new range is the JDA-500 amplifier, which was designed to be compatible with the outdoor speaker collection while also being able to provide digital signal processing (DSP) presents for any Jamo speaker system.

The Jamo outdoor speaker collection will be on show at the Klipsch Group booth at CEDIA. Pricing and availability for Australia hasn’t been announced.

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