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Jabra Unveils “Cortana-Ready” Headsets

Mobile audio specialists Jabra have revealed that its new range of headsets will ship fully integrated with Microsoft’s digital voice assistant, Cortana.

Owners of Jabra’s Evolve, Biz 2400 II and the Motion UC headsets will be able to use Cortana hands-free to send email, schedule meetings and improve productivity – even in noisy conditions.

Given the growing popularity and utility of voice assistants like Cortana and Siri – it’s likely to prove a winning addition to the brand.


According to Jabra’s SVP Holger Reisinger, “Jabra has long recognised that audio has an important role to play in the workplace, whether  through ambient noise, during phone calls or in meetings.”

“The future of communication, inside and outside of the workplace, will centre around voice. In the office, it will be focused on voice control and the productivity gains and seamless communication experience it can offer. Workplaces are already experiencing this to an extent, but to truly benefit, they must get their competencies right. Only if audio and voice are high quality can they stand up against the audio challenges the workplace presents.”

The range are also optimised for Microsoft Skype for Business, enabling additional functionality.

Jabra’s Evolve, Biz 2400 II and the Motion UC are all available now.