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Train Harder With Sennheiser’s Adidas Headphones

Train Harder With Sennheiser

Sennheiser are connoisseurs of sound and Adidas know all about sweating, so the two teaming up to produce a range of sporting headphones is sure to fit ‘like a glove.’

They’ve produced 5 headphones in all, developing offerings rugged enough to be washed clean, light enough to forget you’re wearing them and clever enough to fit all ear shapes. Three of the five are optimised for use with Apple’s iOS devices as they feature inline controls and a microphone for phone calls.

Sennheiser PX 685i

The latest addition is the PX 685i which uses a ‘smoothly-adjusting headband’ to provide a secure fit. Its sibling, the PXM 685i is the lightest headphone in its class at 20 grams.

Sennheiser MX 685

Next in the range is Sennheiser’s MX 685, and their unusual party trick is a new slide-to-fit system which prop the in-ear headphones comfortably for ears of all shapes and sizes. Although they nestle inside your lobes, Sennheiser claim they safely “ensure a higher awareness of surrounding noise,” and we think street runners will appreciate the lack of noise-cancellation.

Sennheisers OCX 685

But if you’re like me—constantly searching for that unadulterated musical experience—the OCX 685i and CX 685 are probably the better bet. These passively cancel outside noises so you can focus on simply beating your personal best. The OCX 685i weighs only 16 grams and is available in black in white. The CX 685 adds the slide-to-fit system for those in search of a more comfortable fit.

I love the idea of washing your sweat-coated headphones under a tap without worrying. These headphones feature a water protection system that allows you to rinse them under a tap.

Sennheiser’s new range of Adidas headphones is available now. Check out the pricing below: 

PMX 685i: $109.95

MX 685: $69.95

PX 685i: $109.95

CX 685: $99.95

OCX 685i: $109.95