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Flexi Samsung Phablet “2013”?

  Flexi Samsung Phablet "2013"? Rumours say so. The Galaxy Note 3 ‘phablet’, released just last week in Oz, may soon be like an actual notepad – as in you can bend it. 

A Samsung source has told Asian site SohuIT a flexible OLED display will soon be a reality for the 5.7″ Note 3 in a Limited Edition, next month. 


The flexible Note 3 OLED screen is likely to be made of plastic. The current Note has a Super AMOLED display. 
“Plastic bendable OLED display is the initial model, flexible display can be molded into various shapes, make the product more slender lightweight, and increase durability,” the report indicates.
If the world’s largest mobile maker can pull this off,  development of the first flexi phone would be massive boon for the now, undisputed, tech pioneer.  
Samsung has already said to be making smartphone with flexible screens, as well as TVs. Recently it unveiled its first curved OLED TV in Australia.