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It’s On: Amazon Prime Officially Goes Global

A few weeks following their secretive soft-launch into the market, access to Amazon Prime’s video streaming service has officially rolled out globally in over 200 countries.

Amazon Prime subscribers can now watch video content through the Amazon Prime Video app (available on Android and iOS). What’s more, Amazon is offering the service for only $2.99USD (as of writing, approximately $4 Australian dollars) a month for the first six months (at which point it returns to a $5.99 per month rate).

Even when exchange rates come into play, it’s a bold move by Amazon that puts them at almost half the standard price of streaming services like Stan and Netflix.

Like Netflix, the service automatically adjust picture and audio quality to reduce buffering and provide the best quality available. Assuming you have the internet connection to match it, you can watch film and TV content in resolutions up to and including UHD 4K.

While this isn’t an exclusively-Australian development, it definitely fits into the ongoing narrative of Amazon’s expansion into the Australian market.

The company is expected to fully operational in the Australian market by the end of 2017.

Users can sign up for Amazon Prime Video here.

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